Discover the Range of Mosquito Bed Canopies from Nicamaka

No matter your budget, there are Nicamaka mosquito net bed canopies available to you. Nicamaka is a respected name in mosquito netting due to the company's generous nature and the quality of the bed canopies. With Nicamaka mosquito net canopies, you're not limited to one or two colors or designs. Match these bed canopies to your current interior design.

The Casablanca

Nicamaka Casablanca is a romantic mosquito net bed canopy that comes in a range of colors and sizes. Purchase the mosquito netting for a twin bed or a spacious king. The bed canopy hangs from four hooks that are installed on the ceiling. From each of these hooks, the protective bed net drapes around all sides of the bed to keep mosquitoes and other biting insects away. Colors range from light pink to fuchsia and emerald green to a rich cobalt blue.

Campers Net

If you want mosquito netting that you can use at home and out in the woods, the Campers Net by Nicamaka is ideal. It's a large and very affordable mosquito net that comes in two colors and covers an area that is 63 by 79 inches. Protect your outdoor patio or campsite, or bring the Campers Net inside to protect your bed from mosquitoes, ticks, and other biting insects.

The Manila Travelers

If you want mosquito protection that you can take with you when you're camping or heading on vacation, by Nicamaka's Manila Travelers. This four-point mosquito net bed canopy comes in a carrying case that makes it easy to bring with you when you leave home. The fine mesh keeps all biting insects away, even tiny no-see-ums. The Manila Travelers is sized to fit both queen and king beds.

Ready Net

The Ready Net is one of the more convenient mosquito bed canopies from Nicamaka. It hangs from one hook on a ceiling or rafter, and then the mosquito net hangs from a large ring, creating a 40-foot circumference for any size bed. It also has a carrying case, so you can take it with you when you're traveling.


Nicamaka Shenzhen comes in three colors and hangs from four hooks on your ceiling. Choose black if you want a buffer from bright morning light. It is designed to fit a king bed, though you could also use it for a queen. One of the benefits to this mosquito bed canopy is that all seams are sewn, so there is no possible way for a mosquito to enter. Lift it up to get under the protective bed canopy at night and to get out of bed in the morning.