If you didn't know before, Nicamaka is the maker of Hammocks. But these aren't just any hammocks! These are custom made hammocks that you can use anywhere. Here are examples of the type of merchandise you can purchase at Nicamaka. Custom made Event Tents, Table Tops, Flutter Flags; Hammocks for the home, backyard, camping; hammock chairs and hammock stands; mosquito net bed canopies, mosquito nets for camping, large outdoor areas, cribs, strollers, head nets, zip-up nets with floors, pop-up nets, travel nets, umbrella nets, ceiling fan nets, treated nets, and more. Wait! There's more! There are Tents, Cabanas, Home and Commercial Screen rooms for the backyard, camping and beach shelters. Also included are Outdoor furnishings, sports gear, and more.

About Nicamaka

While Nicamaka makes all of these items, they are noted exclusively for custom made Hammocks. These hammocks are manufactured in Nicaragua and are all made by hand. Each hammock begins with a factory dyed, high quality, imported polyester, poly cotton, or cotton yarns that are used by very skilled artisans who turn out a spring woven weave that is the signature hammock at Nicamaka. This company sells single and double hammocks for a very affordable price. There is also a family hammock that is quite impressive and includes the Nicastand II Hammock Support. A picture of this hammock is available for viewing.

Lending a Helping Hand

What impressed me the most was that Nicamaka Distributors are dedicated to assisting aid organizations to help developing nations to combat mosquito borne diseases. Nicamaka works with a myriad of aid agencies and health organizations in providing mosquito nets and other disease prevention items. When I was in Africa, I stayed at a place where mosquito nets were used as canopies for the beds. Unfortunately, a friend I was travelling with became ill from one of the mosquito bites.

Visit Nicamaka

If you live in an area where you have mosquitoes, or just want to enhance your patios or backyards with hammocks or tents or other indoor and outdoor enclosures, we recommend you visit Nicamaka.