Mosquito Netting Adds a Romantic Touch to a Couple's Bedroom

The one thing most couples want in their home is a romantic bedroom. Every person's idea of color schemes and furnishings will differ, but there are a few aspects that do not change when it comes to inspiring romantic in a bedroom's overall look.

What Makes a Bedroom Romantic?

In 2014, CNN asked interior designers to pick out key details that turn a bedroom into a "romantic room." The answers were all the same. There is no tried and true formula because every couple has different tastes. There are, however, some items to pay close attention to because they do go hand in hand with the essence of romance. Those items are lighting, the use of décor to replicate another country, and the addition of furnishings and decor that create a stress-free place to relax and unwind.

Don't overlook mosquito netting in your design. Mosquito bed canopies do remind people of a foreign city, and they also help create the perfect stress-free place for relaxation and a restful night's sleep.

How Does a Mosquito Net Bed Canopy Reduce Stress?

Have you ever been about to fall asleep and suddenly heard a mosquito's whine? You're instantly awake, turn on lights, and then have to hunt on walls, ceilings, curtains, and other furnishings to find the mosquito to prevent bites. Once this hunt begins, your sleep pattern is interrupted. You'll likely feel stressed as you have to be up for work, school, etc. the next morning, and now it's going to take longer to feel sleepy again.

Mosquito bed netting allows you to sleep peacefully without a mosquito being able to get anywhere near you. The mosquito nets hang from your ceiling or drape over the high posts on your four-poster bed. The mesh fabric then drapes all the way to the floor to keep insects away. Mosquitoes, gnats, ladybugs, flies, and even spiders cannot get through.

Can You Really Create a Foreign Escape in Your Room?

The other great thing about mosquito bed canopy nets is that they do have a way of making your room look like you've walked into a tropical paradise. Think about travel shows and pictures where you regularly see mosquito nets. Usually, these shows are set in foreign lands like Morocco, South America, and Caribbean islands. Add some tropical colors and play some ocean sounds at night, and you'll feel like your in your very own Caribbean paradise. Mosquito net canopies become a very affordable, quick way to add romantic flair to any bedroom.