Protect Food and Guests With Mosquito Netting During an Outdoor Gathering

Savvy homeowners are turning to mosquito netting to keep food and guests safe during outdoor gatherings. While screened tents were once the rage, they take time to set up and take down. On a windy day, screened tents may collapse with a particularly strong gust. Screened tents also require people to unzip and zip up the door when they need to move to a new location. This can become frustrating to you and your guests, especially if the zipper sticks.

Mosquito canopies are simple to set up. Simply hang them from an overhead rafter or tree branch. You can also drape them over a patio umbrella. With many mosquito nets averaging six by seven feet, and standing nine feet tall, there is plenty of room below a mosquito bed canopy. This is more than enough to surround a table or create a protective spot for a group to stand while enjoying conversation.

How Mosquito Netting Keeps Your Food Safe

There is nothing worse than throwing an outdoor gathering and having hornets, flies, and other flying insects find their way into your food and drinks. With mosquito bed canopies, you can surround a table with the protective netting and keep these pesky insects away. Your guests do not have to worry about taking a swig of beer or soda and suddenly have a hornet in their mouth. You won't have to waste time standing guard over serving dishes to keep flies from landing in your salads, meats, food platters, and desserts.

Use a Mosquito Bed Canopy to Ward Off Biting Insects

This is only one of the benefit of mosquito bed netting, Drape them over an outdoor umbrella and allow your guests to surround themselves in the protective netting during the peak hours for mosquito activity. Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn, so this is the time you really want to protect your guests from these annoying pests.

After your outdoor gathering, move the mosquito bed canopy back inside. You do not have to struggle to find space to store a bulky tent case. This is, perhaps, one of the best reasons to skip the screened tent and add mosquito netting to your home décor.